Index of French Comics containing SF Strips

This is a list of all comic titles published in France that contained science fiction stories at one time or another. Greatful thanks to fellow collector Marc Bousson for digging out this info (and examples from his own collection) and to Paul Sirres for providing many scans from his collection. Click on a comic title to go to a datasheet.

Comic Title
Comic Title
Comic Title
Adventures Fiction Artima        
Adventures Fiction (2nd ser) Artima        
American BD Aventures et Voyages Eerie Publicness Meteor (1A) Artima / Aredit
L'An 2000 Puits Pelu Electric Warrior Aredit Meteor (1B) Artima / Aredit
Annee Zero Artima / Aredit L'Étrange Invasion Aredit Meteor (2) Artima / Aredit
Antares Aventures et Voyages Ère Comprimée Campus Editions Meteor - Film Artima / Aredit
Antares Special Aventures et Voyages Espace (1) SNPI Meteor- hors serie Artima / Aredit
Anticipation Artima / Aredit Espace (2) SFPI/SNPI Meteor - special Artima / Aredit
Archie Jeunesse et Vacances Etranges Aventures Artima / Aredit Mister X (1) ELAN
Astrella Occident Fantasia SER / Chott Mister X (2) ELAN
Astrotomic Del Duca / Editions Mondiales Fantasia Special EDI EUROP Monde Futur (1) Artima / Aredit
Atoll Jeunesse et Vacances Fantastik S.E.P.P. Monde Futur (2A) Artima / Aredit
Atom se déchaine Artima Fantastik Super (A) S.E.P.P. Monde Futur (2B) Artima / Aredit
Atome Kid (1) Artima / Aredit Fantastik Super (B) S.E.P.P. Mutants (1) Ideogram
Atome Kid (2) Artima / Aredit Fantastik Super Special S.E.P.P. Mutants (2) Novelp
Auranella Sepfi Flash Gordon D.P.E. Neutron Promarcy
Aventures de demain Chateaudun Flash Gordon EDI - Europ Ovni Artima / Aredit
Aventures Fiction (1) Artima / Aredit Flash Gordon Remparts Perry le Fantastique Jeunesse et vacances
Aventures Fiction (2) Artima / Aredit Force X Aventures et Voyages Planete des Singes LUG
Aventures Fiction (3) Artima / Aredit Futura LUG Radar EDS / Imperia
Aventures Fiction (4) Artima / Aredit Futurella SPS Rayon Lambda Clarus
La Bataille des Planetes   Garth SAGE Robinsons (Les) SAGE
Bat Man Artima / Aredit Guerre des etoiles (La) D.P.E. RoboHunter Artima / Aredit
Big Boss (1) Artima / Aredit Guerre des etoiles (La) LUG Satanax Del Duca / Editions Mondiales
Big Boss (2) Artima / Aredit Guy L'Eclair EDI-Europ Sideral (1A) Artima / Aredit
Big Boss (3) Artima / Aredit Guy L'Eclair Remparts Sideral (1B) Artima / Aredit
Big Boss (4) Artima / Aredit Hero-Man Lutece Sideral (2) Artima / Aredit
Big Boy Artima / Aredit Hex Artima / Aredit Sideral (3) Artima / Aredit
Biggles Artima / Aredit Inter-Planetes Lutece Spiderman SFPI/SNPI
Bip Fiction SER / Chott Janus Stark Aventures et Voyages Spoutnik Artima / Aredit
Blackman SFPI/SNPI Janus Stark Special Aventures et Voyages Star Lord Artima / Aredit
Camelot 3000 Artima / Aredit Jet EDS / Imperia Star Trek (2) Artima / Aredit
Capitaine Flam (1) DPE Jet Logan EDS / Imperia Star Trek (1) Remparts
Capitaine Flam Special DPE Jezabel Sagedition Star Trek Special Artima / Aredit
Capitaine Flam (2) DPE/Greantori Jezabel Elisa Presse Sunny Sun Aventures et Voyages
Capitaine Flam (3) Deux Coqs d'Or Judge Dredd Artima / Aredit Super Boy EDS / Imperia
Capitaine Flam Super Album   Kamandi (1) Artima / Aredit Superforce Aventures et Voyages
Cosmine Elvifrance Kamandi (2) Artima / Aredit Tenax EDS / Imperia
Cosmos (1) Artima / Aredit King Kong SFPI/SNPI V Artima / Aredit
Cosmos (2) Artima / Aredit Kronos Sage Vengeur Artima / Aredit
Cosmos (3) Artima / Aredit La Légend de Star-Lord Artima / Marvel Vick Aventures et Voyages
Cosmos (4) Artima / Aredit Luc Bradefer EDI-Europ Voyage au fond des mers Sage
Cyclone l'homme Atomique SAGE Luc Bradefer - Special EDI-Europ Waki LUG
Creepy (1)
Publicness Magnus An 4000 Remparts Watchmen Aredit
Creepy (2)
Triton Magnus L'Anti-Robot Sage  
Dan Dair LUG Main d'acier (1) Occident    
Darix Beaubourg Main d'acier (2) MCL    

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