Dan Dare in the United States

Dan Dare US Stamps

There were no appearances of the 1950's Dan Dare or any other Eagle character in the States. After all with the plethora of home-grown comics, and a formidable share of the world market, Dan and friends were just not required.

So how do we explain these stamps? How did they come to be printed in the USA? They are a complete perforated sheet of 8 stamps (gummed on the back for use). A close examination shows that they are a duplicate of the UK Lifebuoy soap stamps given away with the product in the 1950's. The same plates must have been used, although the colours are slightly different.

They bear the text "Interplanetary Essays- created and designed in Gt. Britain" and the copyrighted "1958 H.E. McIntosh, Springfield, Mass.".

Were they designed as a give-away? How did the US manufacturer acquire the plates? Were there others in the series?

A real mystery. If anyone can throw some light on this, please get in touch.

UPDATE: Mystery solved.

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