Dan Dare in Turkey

1956 Roket comic no. 8
1956 Roket comic - the Turkish Dan Dare
1956 Roket comic - the Turkish Dan Dare
A Roket back page pin-up of Feza Kahramanlari (Dan Dare) - but not as we would recognise him

I have heard it said that Turkey has no comic culture - this is not true, although there are numerous comics devoted to the Ottoman Empire and the exploits of Atatürk. The notes on this page come from various Turkish websites and the images are courtesy of my friend and collegue Dr. Billur Sakintuna: who actually used her Ankara address for mailing the comics and PAID for them herself - thus assuring herself of a meteroic career!

The Roket (there are no prizes for guessing what this means in English) comic was first released on 9th February 1956 as a reprint vehicle for various European strips. Apart from featuring Feza Kahramanlari (Dan Dare) and friends it also starred Buffalo Bill and Strongbow the Mohawk from the Comet, and Billy the Kid from the Sun. Miki and The Little Sheriff were also reprinted from various European publications.

Another magazine featuring Dan sprang to short life in 1961: this being the Children's World magazine.

Some investigation that still needs verifying shows that in 1981 Hasal Publications released another magazine featuring Dan - this was called Super Dan (oh dear!) and lasted a total of 34 issues.

Let me confess that my Turkish is perhaps not as good as it should be, so if anyone wants to add anything to this - be my guest. If you know more - please email me.






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