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I currently require various UK comics in order to complete annual runs.

Click here to see a list of my wants.

Above is another UK newspaper strip that I cannot identify. Signed by "Rod" and purportedly published in the Daily Sketch - anybody know anything about it? Click to see larger image.

It has been nearly 18 months since I last updated this page - where did the time go?

Well firstly, in January 2015 I announced that I would be retiring at Christmas 2015 - thus unwittingly giving rise to one of the busiest years of my career.

Expecting to look forward to a quiet 2016 I let the site hang fire for a while - only to get caught up in two new projects, plus lots of travel which has kept me away from the computer for months at a time. With winter upon us I want to take advantage of the brief hiatus to update some of the many typos and odd font sizes that pepper this site, add a few updates and to create a few new pages.

Some of you may remember that my last piece for this page concerned a brief overview of TV themed jigsaw puzzles. Well, the email response and the subsequent searches via the search engine indicate a strong interest in this subject. So I have added a new page on the UK's Tower Press TV themed jigsaws for your delictation. As always, if you can provide me with more/better information or scans I would be extremely grateful.

I have added a few new pages to the UK Newspaper strips section including Belinda Blue-Eyes and Patsy - more will follow.

My grateful thanks to Marina Lopez, daugher of Solano Lopez, who written to tell me about two strips drawn by her father that were not listed by me - Buster's Ghost and Hammersmith, both for Roy of the Rovers. The Solano Lopez checklist has now been updated.

The grandson of Norman Williams, has sent me a scan of his grandfather's strip Stella published in the News Chronicle, and which is now included in the UK Newspaper strip page - thank you.

And last, but by no means least, the grandson of Julius Stafford Baker 2nd - creator of Tiger Tim - has put me straight on a few issues concerning the character and his illustrious forebears.

Roger Todd has contacted me to see if anyone recognises the hand behind the beautiful illustrations from War of the Worlds below, which originally appeared in Tell Me Why in 1970. He thinks they could be by Terrence Cuneo via EuroStudio, Milan. If you can help, please get in touch.


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