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Barbara Kerschner: I work as a Software Engineer and Webmaster/Technical Author for an international aerospace company in the USA. After being in the space business for a number of years, I was 'bitten' by the space bug. I was born into a family of collectors, and thoroughly enjoy the space art of 1950's/60's space jigsaws, lunchboxes, and related items. It is fascinating to me when I look at the spaceships depicted in the older art and then look at how similar the design concepts are for the future vehicles on the drawing boards. I also have an extensive collection of Fisher Price wood wheeled pull toys from the 1930's/40's/50's, especially the early Disney characters.

Steven Taylor: I work for an international organisation in Luxembourg. I have always been a keen collector of 1950's/60's UK comics, with a particular interest in space comics and related items. During my travels around Europe I have often been surprised by the number of non-UK comics that reprint various stories that I remember being published in the UK. One of the best known examples of this is the Buffalo Bill strips that were drawn in Italy during the late 1940's, reprinted in France and Germany shortly afterwards, and eventually found themselves as part of the Comet and Cowboy Picture Library in the UK. Or again the Archie the Robot strip from the Lion comic that gained his own comic series in France as Archie. This led me to try and track down all instances of Eagle/Dan Dare published outside the UK.

Barb and I have never met face to face, (we actually "met" via the web over a space jigsaw), but our mutual interests and our occupations made this project a natural choice.

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