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TVB Western Books (1954)

2 Gladwell Richardson Hard Graze
8 Lee Floren Pioneer Printer
9 Murray Leinster Fighting Horse Valley
10 Jackson Cole The Death Riders
11 Murray Leinster The Kid Deputy
12 Abel Shott Silverspurs
13 Weston Clay Gunsmoke Bonanza
14 Gladwell Richardson

Rustlers Moon

dated 1952

15 Weston Clay Town Renegade
16 Weston Clay Boothill
17? Chuck Martin The Lobo Breed
17 Tom Curry The Comstock Lode
18 Gladwell Richardson Sagebrush Sal
19 Calico Jones Foxfire Creek
20 Rex Whitechurch Renegade Road
21 Frank O'Rourke Thunder On The Buckhorn

Bloodhound Books (1957)

W1183 Fredric Brown

The Fabulous Clipjoint

Cover art by Dobson Broadhead

W1184 Fredric Brown

The Dead Ringer

Cover art by Dobson Broadhead

W1185 Fredric Brown Murder in the Moonlight
W1186 Fredric Brown

Compliments of a Fiend

Cover art by Dobson Broadhead

W1187 Henry Kane

Laughter Came Screaming

Cover art by Dobson Broadhead

W1188 Richard Ellington Exit for a Dame
W1189 Rae Foley

Wake the Sleeping Wolf

Cover art by Dobson Broadhead

W1190 Adam Knight

Kiss and Kill

Cover art by Dobson Broadhead

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