Enric Sió

Enric Sió

Enric Sió (1942-1998) was a Spanish artist and illustrator, considered by some to be responsible for the introduction of comics catering for adults and amongst the first to introduce the larger subjects of social interest in contemporary Spain.

He started working via art agency's from around 1960, drawing for Bruguera and Fleetway. For Fleetway his work consisted mainly of romantic stories for adolescent girls in the comic Valentine, and few Battler Britton adventures.

In 1967 he started one of his more famous series, Lavinia 2016 or War of the Poets, in the magazine Oriflama, which was an acid and subtle critic of the Catalan culture of the time. In 1969, with the publication of the Aghardi saga in the Italian magazine Linus, he started to become known in the international market.

In 1974 he exiled himself from Spain, first living in Italy and then in France, returning to Barcelona only in 1979. During his stay abroad, he collaborated on The History of France in comic strips , Glacial Fluide magazine and created the story The man of pirámides for the series Un Uomo, uno Avventura. In 1971 he received a Yellow Kid prize from the Lucca Comic Festival (Italy) as best foreign artist. He stopped illustrating comic strips in 1980. However two of his black and white strips were published in the Spanish magazine Blue Jeans between 1978 and 1980.

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