Nadir Quinto

Quinto's Robin Hood and the Saxon Traitor that appeared in Thriller Picture Library No. 130 (1956). Original board.

Nadir Quinto was born in Milan, Italy on 26 November 1918. He attended the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera, and it was after the war that he began his career as illustrator and cartoonist. His death on the 15 March 1994 happened while he was at his drawing board creating an episode of Tex Willer.

Immediately after the War, Quinto began contributing picture strips to most of the top Italian comic journals such as Dinamite, Albi di Salgari, Festival and L'Intrepido. In 1946 he began drawing and lettering strips for Corrieri dei Piccoli.

Between 1954 and 1964 he worked on many English publications such as Treasure, World of Wonder, Princess Tina , Look and Learn, Tell me Why, Once Upon a Time, Playhour, Bobo and others for which he contributed colour illustrations for various historical pieces and childrens fables: Peter Pan and Wendy and Heidi (for Playhour:1958), Baron Munchausen, William Tell and others. He also drew some of the Robin Hood stories for Thriller Picture Library (TPL 130, 251, 275 , 287 and 303).

He left comics in 1965 to concentrate on illustration, only to return to drawing strips for the Italian comic journals in the late seventies. He resumed working for comics in collaboration with the Italian publisher Editrici creating the series of Tom Boy published in the Corrierre dei Piccolo . In 1976 he began a comic strip series of classic literature for Il Giornalino including such titles as The Wizard of Oz, Little Women, Tom Sawyer, The Thousand and One Nights, and many more.

Quinto's The Sword for Treasure, issued December 1967.

His last work was for Il Giornalino where his love of detail and historical accuracy can be seen in the series Issing of the River and Tex Willer.

In 2004 the Province of Milan honoured Quinto and his life-long friend Mario Uggeri simultaneously with the award of Spazi e colori della fantasia.

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