Renato Polese

Original Polese artwork from Comet Nr. 500 - Buffalo Bill and the Stage Coach Raids

Renato Polese was born in Rome 27th April 1924 and started his profesional career as a comic artist just after the Second World War. His first work appeared in Giramondo and Il Vittorioso. In 1954 he left Italy and went to England where he worked for nearly all the big publishers, Fleetway, Hulton and IPC. Today he is remembered for his work in the western genre, but he also worked in science fiction and even police adventures.

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On his return to Italy he started work on Storia del West scripted by Gino D'Antonio and published by Bonelli. Storia del West was a long project that took many years to complete, and during this time Polese also contributed to the strips Collana Rodeo and Safari that both appeared in Il Vittorioso (scripts by Claudio Nizzi) and Bella e Bronco, again with D'Antonio.

From 1970 he started a long collaboration with the magazine Il Giornalino, although he was still supplying strip to the Fleetway group via the Milanese art studios. During this period he drew the strips: Babe Ford with Mario Basari (from 1970 to 1977), Pony Express with Gianni Caratelli (from 1971 to 1972) , Sheriff with Aberti (from 1978 to 1979), Angeli del West with Longi (from 1979 to 1991), and Viaggo al centro della Terra, Le tribolazioni di un cinese in Cina, 20,000 leghe sotto i mari - all Jules Verne adaptations with Traverso (1978, 1980 and 1981).

In 1977 he worked again for Bonelli on the Un Uomo, un'Avventura (A Man , an Adventure) series. This series also boasted contributors such as Tacconi, Pratt, D'Antionio and many other famous Italian artists.


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