José Antonio Munoz

Joe's Bar a typically styled strip by José Antonio Munoz. Original board.

José Antonio Munoz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 10th July 1942. After finishing his studies at the Escuela Panamericana del Arte, the school created by the Lipszyc brothers with Hugo Pratt and Alberto Breccia as teachers, Munoz debuted as an assistant to Francisco Solano Lopez.

In the early 60's he drew the strip Precinto 56 (script by Ray Collins: pseudonym of Argentinian writer Eugenio Zappietro). He also worked on strips for Hora Cero and Frontera Extra and many strips for the comic Misterix. He drew several episodes of the war correspondant Ernie Pike with scripts by Oesterheld.

During the 1960's he worked for Fleetway via the Solano Lopez studio in Buenos Aires. Munoz worked on many of the adventure strips attributed to Lopez.

Munoz lived in London for a year in 1973 whilst fleeing the military junta in Argentina from where he had exiled himself. He worked for Fleetway editors Jack Le Grand (1920-1986: Buster, Valiant, Hurricane, Giggle, Jet) and Sidney Bicknell (1922-1991: Valiant, Vulcan). Munoz worked on four strips for the Lion comic: Stitch in Time, Lost in Limbo Land, The Treasure-Hunt Twins and Sark the Sleeper. Sark the Sleeper has the dubious honour of being the last new strip to be published in the Lion as the comic was merged with Valiant on 18 May 1974.

Munoz also remembers : having done two weeks supplemental cover [holiday cover] for an artist that published also in Lion, it was a strip of an ventriloquist and his dummy, very dark atmosphere, and Bicknell says to me that that guy couldn't believe that those pages weren't made by him. And also I remember having made a short complete story, eight pages, of Adam Eterno. [Private correspondence]

He left London in December 1973 eventually arrived in Spain where he met fellow exile Carlos Sampayo. Together they created Alack Sinner for the Italian revue Linus (1975). In 1978 he drew Sophie goin' South for the French magazine B.D..

From the 1980's to the present he has worked on various projects for the French market, including a reprise of Alack Sinner which has appeared in 3 albums.


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