Horacio Lalia

Original board from Lalia's Helltrekkers (2000AD Prog 369)

Horacio Nestor Lalia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1941. After finishing his studies at the Escuela Panamericana del Arte under the direction of Alberto Breccia he made his professional debut in Hora Cero in 1964.

From 1966 to 1968 he worked for the British market, drawing several war stories for Fleetway via the Solano Lopez studio in Buenos Aires. He also sold work to the Chilean, Spanish and French markets during this time. In 1965 he started a cooperation with the Argentine daily La Razón and the Spanish publishing house Bruguera.

From 1975 he worked as one the main illustrators of edition Record. After several short stories, he started the gothic Nekrodamus series, written by Oesterhld.

In 1976 Lalia drew the story The Running Man for Fleetway's Action Comic and 1978 found him working on the first episode of Planet of the Damned (the later episodes being drawn by Pina and Azpiri) for Starlord and by issue 14 he was working on Holocaust. By the mid-1980's he was contributing to 2000 AD with episodes of Future Shocks (31 & 605), The Helltrekkers (388-415) and some cover work.

Over the last forty years Lalia has illustrated an enormous amount of horror and gothic literatue and what follows here is only the tip of the iceberg: Lovecraft's stories, The Nameless City, The Rats in the Walls, The Festival, He, Out of Time, The Unnamable, Dagon, The Alchemist, The Colour Out of Space, The Haunter of the Dark, The Outsider, Pickman's Model, The Call of Cthulhu, The Moon-Bog, The Dreams in the Witch House, In the Vault, The Mystery of the Grave-Yard, The Ghost-Eater and Cool Air. He has also adapted horror stories by H.G. Wells, Bierce, Poe, Stevenson, Beliard, Walpole and many others.


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