Ruggero Giovannini

Original board by Giovannini for the British weekly comic Look and Learn depicting the novel The Three Musketeers.

Italian artist Ruggero Giovannini's first strip was I Deguari di Adelchi for the magazine Vittorioso for which he worked from 1945 until 1969. He created various strips for this magazine including many "Cine-romans" - or picture strip versions of popular films, - such as Mister V (1948). One of Italy's most prolific artists, Giovannini was never content unless he was working.

Although employed full time on Vittorioso during the fifties and sixties, Giovannini also "moon-lighted" via the Ronaldo D'Ami studio, and contributed stories for the Fleetway group. He worked on Dick Daring and Robin Hood for Thriller Picture Library, and Kansas Kid (known as Tex Tone in France) for Cowboy Picture Library, Wild Bill Hickok for Radio Fun. He contributed many western stories for Top Spot, and drew the Adventures of Macbeth (Ranger) and Olac the Gladiator (Tiger) , and also many full colour pieces for Treasure and Tell Me Why.

In 1962, while still persuing his work for D'Ami, he created The Illiad for Il Corriere del Piccolo and Terra che Scotta for Collection Tex.

From 1969 he worked on various strips for Giornalino, including Bug Barry (1969), Harold il Crudele-Capitan Erik (1972), Ricky (1978), I Biondi Lupi del Nord (1981). In 1974 Ruggero Giovannini started work as art director for Eura Publishing in Rome for the prestigious Italian magazines Lanciostory and Skorpio.

He died in 1983.

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