Alessandro Chiarollo
Comic Artist - Alessandro Chiarollo

Patch Eye Hooker in Buster is probably Sandro Chiarollo's best known UK strip.

Alessandro Chiarollo was born in Somalia (an Italian province at this point in history) in 1942 and attended the School of Art in Rome.

His first strip was La Bella Petrioa which was published in Il Vittorioso in 1960. During this period he produced various strips for Il Vittorioso and Il Giornolino.

Between 1960 - 1974 he worked via the art agency Giolitti producing strips for various foreign markets. For Fleetway he worked on Princess Tina, Tiger, Hurricane and Giggle (Patch Eye Hooker: which was continued in Buster).

For the French market he drew strips for Lancelot; for the German market he drew Reno Kid and Buffalo Bill. For Il Giornolono he did Bassa Marea (1970), Fortini sul Fiume (1971), Mister Charade (1974), and Central Hospital (1988).

For the Bonelli group he has drawn the comedy western Bella e Bronco and Martin Mystere.

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