Antonio Canale
Comic Artist - Antonio Canale

Original board from the Canale story The Kimberley Diamonds from Il Vittorioso .

Antonio Canale was born in 1915 in Monza, Italy. He began work as an assistant to Italian publisher Nino Pagotto, and then drew some work for Il Cartoccino and Il Corriere dei piccoli.

Canale's first strip was Piuma Verde for Il Viltorioso in 1937-38, followed by Sigfrido (both stories by Gianluigi Bonelli) in L'Audace in 1938 (reprinted in France as L'As). Then came Il solitario dei Sakya in Topolino in 1939 (story by F. Pedrocchi). In the beginning of the forties, he illustrated various film stories for Il Viltorioso.

In 1945 he created Yorga, also written by Bonelli and published in Il Cow Boy. The following year he drew Amok, his most famous character, written by Cesare Solini. Amok was published in France by Sagédition (Adventures, Amok, etc).

In the fifties, like so many others, he worked for Fleetway drawing episodes of Buck Jones and Buffalo Bill in Cowboy Comics, Spy 13 (reprinted as X-13 in France) and John Steel in Thriller Comics Library and various other war stories.

He also worked in the USA with Authentic Police Box for St John Publishing of New York. In the sixties he created Hiawatha for Il Corriere dei Piccoli

In the seventies he drew some Kolosso episodes and created the western Jirby Flint. He created the series Ballate della Vecchia America and drew Terra Maledetta (published in France in Rodeo 1977) written by Giancarlo Berardi.

Antonio Canale died in October 1991.

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