Renzo Calegari
Comic Artist - Renzo Calegari

Original board by Calegari, story unknown.

Renzo Calegari was born in Bolzaneto (in the area of Genoa, Italy) on September 5, 1933.

He started his professional career in the art studios of Roy D'Ami in 1954. A year later, he drew El Kid and I Tre Bill, both written by Gianluigi Bonelli.

From 1957 until 1966, he worked, via the D'Ami studio, for the Fleetway Press in the UK, drawing many of the war stories that featured in Valiant, Tiger , War Picture Library and Wild West Library, he also tried his hand at Battler Britton. He also contributed art to Thriller Picture Library (Dick Daring), and Cowboy Picture Library (Billy the Kid).

At the beginning of the sixties, he created with Gino D' Antonio, Storia del West (History of the West). This series was a huge project that documented, through the lives of two families, the whole panorama of the old west. Various other artists worked on this project at one time or another, including Sergio Tarquinio. The series was re-printed in France by Larousse the educational publishers. Click here for more information.

At the end of the sixties, he also drew several episodes of Carabina Slim.

Calegari left the comics field in 1969 to spend all his time on his political activities (the Italian communist party), but returned in 1977 to draw the series Welcome to Springville, written by Giancarlo Berardi (author of Long Scotty Files) for the review Skorpio. Later, he collaborated on magazines like Il Giornalino, and strips such as The Orient Express Train and Zodiaco. He also drew a number of the western covers published by Frontiera. Calegari also created the Boone western series in Il Giornalino and cooperated on such series as Ken Parker and Tex Willer.

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