Amador García Cabrera
Comic Artist - Amador García Cabrera

Amador García Cabrera (better known as Amador) was born in Barcelona, Spain on 13th July 1934. Cabrera describes himself as the "consumate agency sketcher".

Cabrera worked as an electrician, a mechanic, an offset printer and various other activities before his close friend Antonio Romero encouraged him to draw. Finally finding his true field, he took samples of his work to show to Josep Toutain, then owner of the Spanish artwork agency Selecciones Ilustradas (known as S.I.). Toutain hired him on an "as required" basis in 1959 - and he soon became a regular "agency artist" performing work for many domestic and foreign publishers. Cabrera has only ever worked on receipt of a script, and whilst acknowledging the aclaim that this has given him, today he still rails against what he sees as the "industrialisation of art" and the unsure legal position of never having a proper contract of employment.

For the S.I. agency he drew Hazañas del Oeste (Toray - 1959), Davy Crockett (for the French review Vaillant - 1960), Donely Rock (in 1961), and then followed one script after another. Soon he was drawing for Fleetway (Dogfight Dixon - 1961, Air Ace - 1969, Humbert Higs - Hotspur 1970), and even did a strip biography of footballer Kevin Keegan. By the 1970's he was firmly established as a cover artist for D.C. Thompson's Commando war comics.

Over the years Cabrera has worked on innumerable series' as well as for many foreign publishers, like Semic (Sweden), Bastei and Koralle-Verlag (Germany), Holgo (Holland) and Western (USA). His work has also appeared in Creepy magazine and several U.S. horror comics.

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