Carlo Boscarato

Carlo Boscarato was born in Italy on 9th May 1926 and produced his first comic in 1948, when he was assigned to do an episode of Jim Brady for the publishing house AVE. This started a longtime collaboration with the magazine Il Vittorioso, that didn't end until 1967. Boscarato mainly did historical comics, but also the series Axel Lind. From 1953 to 1959, he drew several caricatures and comics for Lo Scolaro. In 1967 and 1968 he briefly worked at the D'Ami Studio, where he drew several episodes of Dogfight Dixon stories for Thriller Picture Library.

After his time with Il Vittorioso, Boscarato turned to Il Messaggero dei Ragazzi, where he did several stories until 1975. He also began a longtime collaboration with Il Giornalino, a magazine for which he created series like Giorgio Reli, the western Larry Yuma (with texts by Claudio Nizzi) and the humorous Nico & Pepo. In 1979, he adapted Stevenson's Treasure Island, again based on texts by Nizzi. Carlo Boscarato worked for Il Giornalino until his death on 12th June 1987.

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