Aureli Bevia

Aureli Bevia i Pascual, to give him his full name, was born in Spain in 1932. He was the consumate studio artist and worked nearly all his life via the art agencies.

His first strip was published in the review Nicolás in the mid-1940's. He went on to draw Audaz Extra (Fantasio 1946), Tres Hadas (1956), Héroes de la Misiones (1956).

Moving to Milan, he started a long term ralationship with the D'Ami studio for whom he produced copious work for the UK market, including Spy 13 (Thriller Picture Library Nr. 344), Maddock's Marauders, several war stories for War Picture Library, and Commando Picture Library (for D.C. Thompson).

From 1963-1980 he worked for the French market (again via the agencies), where he produced episodes mostly for the Imperia group : Z 33, Les 5 As (known as Phantom Force Five in the Buster), Marouf, Sergeant Guam, Tora, and X 13 (known as Spy 13 in Thriller Picture Library).

Moving back to Madrid in the eighties, he found work via the S.I. (Selecciones Illustradas) agency, again for the UK market: he drew Sooty, and Polly Pocket, and various other TV related strips.

In the 1990's he was drawing erotic strips for Hustler.

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