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It is with regret that the The All Devon Comic Collectors Club has ceased publication.Many warm wishes, and grateful thanks to Paul and Neal Trotter.

The club originally started in London as the SWCCC under the auspices of John Dakin who, when asked by his wife which single collecting activity would he pursue - chose vinyl records.

The club then passed into the hands of Dave Westaway thus becoming the All Devon CCC and on Dave's death in 2014 the Trotters carried the flame.

This is a first attempt to list all the original UK comic strips that appeared in British newspapers - a mammoth task and this current list is only the start. As always if you have any further information on titles, dates, other editions, or better scans I would be delighted to hear from you - email me.

Original UK comics means that you will not find Batman, Conan, Doonesbury, Garfield, Rip Kirby, Twin Earths, Yogi Bear etc in this list.

This index is ordered by strip name. As this list matures I will endeavour to add separate pages from each title with more details and artwork from the strips (again your help is needed here - if you have examples PLEASE send me a scan). For the moment just click on the strip title to see artwork.

4D Jones Daily Express 1955-65 Satire Peter Maddocks
Ace O'Hara Daily Dispatch 1950s Sci-Fi Basil Blackaller (to 1958) then Tony Speer (Scrpt. Conrad Frost)
The Adventures of Scoop Mallory ?? 1950s Adventure Norman Williams
The Affairs of Eve Daily Sketch 1953-56 Adventure / girl Arthur Ferrier (Scrpt. Peter O'Donnell)
All in a Day's Work Daily Herald 1940s Humour Rick Elmes
Anagrins Daily Sketch 1958-66 Humour Eric Burgin
Andy Capp Daily Mirror
Sunday Mirror
AUG57 - Humour
Reg Smythe
Angeline Daily Sketch 193?-194? Humour/girl "Pinney"?
Angus Og Daily Record
Sunday Mail
196?-1989 Humour Ewen Bain
The Arcubs (See also Noah Family) Daily News 1920 Humour / animals  
Augusta Evening Standard
Mail on Sunday magazine
1980s Humour Angus McGill & Dominic Poelsma
Axa The Sun 1978-86 Sci-fi
Barry McKenzie Private Eye 1970s Humour Nicholas Garland (Scrpt. Barry Humphries)
Beau Peep Daily Star 2NOV78-? Humour Andrew Christine (Scrpts. Roger Kettle)
Beelzebub Jones Daily Mirror 1937-45 Humour / western
Hugh McClelland
Belinda Blue Eyes Daily Mirror 30/9/1935 - 17/10/1959 Humour / girl

Steve Dowling (Scrpt. Bill Connor), Tony Royle (Scrpt. Don Freeman)

Ben & Katie Daily Star 1980s Humour / domestic Doug Baker & Hernandez
Billy the Bee London Evening Standard 1950? Humour / satire Harry Smith
Bobby Bear Daily Herald 1931-? Humour/animal
Rick Elmes
Bristow London Evening Standard 1960 Humour Frank Dickens
Buck Ryan Daily Mirror 22/3/37-31/7/62 Detective Jack Monk
Capt. Pugwash Radio Times 196? Humour John Ryan
Caesar Sunday Graphic 1946 Humour/dog William Timym (Tim)
Carmen and Co. Daily Sketch   Adventure / girl Alfred Mazure
Carol Day Daily Mail 1956 Adventure / girl David Wright
Caroline Baker - Lady Barrister Daily Express 1960s Adventure Jose Ortiz
Check-Out Girl Daily Star 1970? Adventure Kim Raymond
The Chirrups Sunday Pictorial 194?   George Davies
Cicero (see Perkins) Sunday Times 14APR68 Humour John Meredith Miles
Clive Evening Standard 1970s Humour Angus McGill & Dominic Poelsma
Colonel Pewter

News Chronicle
Daily Mail
The Guardian

Humour /satire Arthur Horner
Cop Shop Daily Record ? ? Peter Maddocks
Dan Blair The Times (Weekend mag)

17Jun97 -

Political satire Peter Brookes
Dan Doofer Daily Mirror 1945   Hugh McClelland
Danielle London Evening News 17/5/73-14/9/74 Sci-fi / Girl John M. Burns
Davy Crockett Daily Sketch 1956 Western "Wayne"
Dirk Storey Daily Express 1954 Adventure George Davies
Dot & Carrie The Star
Daily Sketch
Humour James Francis Horrabin
Double Trouble Daily Express 1949-51 Humour Brian White
Down our Street Sunday Pictorial 194?   George Davies
Eartha News of the World (Sunday mag)   Sci-fi / Girl John Burns
Eb and Flo Daily Herald
Sunday People
1922?-?? Humour/adventure Wilfred Haughton
Eve Daily Sketch 23NOV1953 - ?? 1955 Girl Arthur Ferrier (Scrpt. Peter O'Donnell)
Fay Weekend Magazine 1957 Adventure / girl Tom Kerr
Film Fanny Sunday Pictorial 1939 - 46 Humour / girl Arthur Ferrier
Fishing with Terry & Son Daily Express 1985- ?? Factual / fishing Ron Embleton (Scrpt. Conrad Frost)
Flatmates Sunday People 1980s Humour / girls John Richardson
Flint of the Flying Squad Daily Express 1952 Adventure / radio George Davies
Flook Daily Mail 1949- Humour/political/animal
Wally Fawkes
The Flutters Daily Mirror 1947 Humour Len Gamblin
The Fosdyke Saga Daily Mirror Mar71-Feb85 Satire
Bill Tidy
Fred Bassett Daily Mail
Mail on Sunday
1963-present Humour / dog
Alex Graham, Michael Martin, Arran Graham
The Gambols Daily Express
Mail on Sunday
Humour/ domestic
Barry Appleby, Roger Mahoney
Garth Daily Mirror 24/7/43-22/3/97 Adventure
Steven Dowling, John Allard, Frank Bellamy, Martin Asbury
George & Lynne The Sun 1976-2000 Humour / domestic Josep Gual, John M. Burns
Girl Chat Daily Mirror Dec 1992- Humour / girl John M. Burns
Good Deeds Daily Sketch 193? Scout "Based on fact"  
Grocer Heath Private Eye 1969 Political satire John Kent
Grow Flowers Daily Mirror 1954 Factual / gardening Jack Dunkley
Gun Law Daily Express 1957-76 Western
Harry Bishop
Gunner ?? 1974-85 Football Jose Luis Salinas & Alfredo Grassi, Lucho Olivera, Tobias, & Andrew Klacik
Harry Daily Sketch 1953 Humour Cyril ("Kim") Price
Hayseeds London Evening News 197?-197? Humour / animals Harry Hargreaves
Helpful Horace Sunday Pictorial 1915 Humour / animals H.S. Foxwell
If.... The Guardian Nov 1981-?? Political satire Steve Bell
ITMA Sunday Pictorial 1943 Humour / radio Arthur Ferrier
James Bond Daily Express
Sunday Express
Daily Star
1958-84 Adventure
John McLusky, Yaroslav Horak, Harry North
Jane Daily Mirror 5/12/32-10/10/59 Humour/girl
Norman Pett, Mike Hubbard
Jane, Daughter of Jane Daily Mirror 1961-63 Humour/girl Alfred Mazure
Jane: Grand-daughter of Jane (in the 80s) Daily Mirror 16/4/85- 1/9/90 Humour/girl John M. Burns
Jane Fortune Daily Sketch 195? Adventure / detective Oliver Passingham (Scrpts. Conrad Frost)
Japhet and Happy

Daily News
Daily Chronicle

James Francis Horrabin
Jeff Hawke (See also Lance McLane) Daily Express 1954-75 Sci-fi
Sydney Jordan
Jill Weekend Magazine 1958-9 Humour Ian Dickson
Jimmy Gimmicks Daily Sketch 25 Feb - Apr 1957 Humour Hugh McClelland
Jimpy Daily Mirror 1946   Hugh McClelland
J.J. Sunday Express 1969 Humour Roy Dewar
Jo Empire News 1953 Girl David Wright
Judge Dredd Daily Star 1981-199? Sci-fi Mike Collins, Ian Gibson
Judy London Evening News 1949 Girl Julian Phipps
Judy Tit Bits 1953 Girl David Wright
Just Jake (Reilly Ffoull) Daily Mirror 1938 -52 Satire Bernard Graddon
Keeping up with the Joneses Daily Mirror 1958? Domestic  
Kit Conquest Daily Express 1949-1950 Adventure Jack Daniel, George Davies
K.O. Cannon Daily Express 1950 Adventure / private eye Jack Daniel
Lance McLane (See also Jeff Hawke) Scottish Daily Record 1974 - ?? Sci-fi Sydney Jordan
The Larks Daily Mirror 1957-1985 Humour Jack Dunkley
Leslie Shane Daily Sketch 195? Adventure / detective Oliver Passingham (Scrpts. Conrad Frost)
Lindy London Evening News 9/3/59-?? Humour/girl Ernest Ratcliff
Little Joe Daily Mirror 1975? Humour / dog Fel (Scrpts. Ian Gammidge)
Livy The Sun 1980s Humour / child Bob Maher
Lulu Weekend Magazine 1950s Humour / girl Herod & Kenton
Maggie's Farm Time Out 1979 Political satire Steve Bell
The Magic Roundabout The Sun 1975? Humour Serge Danot
A Man called Horace Daily Mirror
Daily Record
1989-present Humour / western Andrew Christine (Scrpts. Roger Kettle)
Mark & Misette unknown 1950s? ? ??
Matt Marriott London Evening News 19/9/55-1977 Western Tony Weare (John Burns last sequence 1977)
Modesty Blaise London Evening News 1963-2001 Adventure
Jim Holdaway, Steve Dowling, Romero, John M. Burns, Patrick Wright
Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing Daily Mirror 1949 Factual / fishing (Scrpts. Bernard Venables)
Mr. Digwell Daily Mirror   Factual / gardening Jack Dunkley
Mr. Midge London Evening News 1957 Humour Ronald Niebour (Neb)
Nigel and Pepito Daily Express 1950s Humour Artie Jackson
The Nipper Daily Mail 1933-47 Humour Brian White
The Niteleys Daily Sketch 1966? Humour / tv Eric Burgin, Bernard Cookson
Noah Family
(See also The Arcubs)
Daily News 1920 Humour / animals  
No. 10 Sunday Express 1970-91 Political satire Peter Maddocks
Oojah Daily Sketch 1921-29 Humour/animal
Thomas Maybank
The Parkers Daily Express 1947 Humour Harold Hodges
Patsy Daily Mirror 1946-1951? Factual / cooking and just about everything really  Jack Dunkley
Patti Daily Mirror 1959-61 Adventure / girl Bob Hamilton (Scrpts. Jenny Butterworth)
Paula Daily Express 194? Girl Eric Parker
Paul Temple London Evening News 1954-70 Adventure Alfred Sindall, John McNamara, Phillip Mendoza
Penny Sunday Pictorial 194?   George Davies
The Perishers Daily Mirror 1959-06 Humour
Dennis Collins, Maurice Dodd, Bill Mevin
Perkins (see Cicero) Sunday Times
Daily Express
1968 - 1980 Humour John Meredith Miles
Peter & Pitpat Daily Sketch 193? Humour/animal (cats)  
Phyllis - Our Dumb Blonde Sunday Pictorial 1939-46 Humour / girl Arthur Ferrier
Pip, Squeak and Wilfred Daily Mirror
Sunday Pictorial
1919-55 Humour/animal
A.B. Payne
Pop Daily Sketch 1921-1959? Humour John Millar Watt, Gordon Hogg
Rick Martin Daily Sketch 4 FEB 57- 8 MAR 58 * Western John Diamond (pseudo. Oliver Passingham) (Scrpts. Conrad Frost)
Rip, Van & Winkle Daily Sketch 193? Humour/animals  
Romeo Brown Daily Mirror 1954-62 Humour adventure
Alfred Mazure, Jim Holdaway
The Royals The Sun 1981 Di & Charles courtship John Burns
Ruggles Daily Mirror 11/3/35-3/8/57 Humour / domestic Steve Dowling
Rupert Bear Daily Express 1920-present Humour/animal
Mary Tourtel, Alfred Bestall
Sally Marsh Daily Sketch 195? Girl / glamour Oliver Passingham (Scrpts. Conrad Frost)
Scarth A.D. 2195 The Sun 1969-197? Sci-fi
Luis Roca
Scoop Mallory  London News Chronicle ? 1950s? Newspaper reporter Norman Williams
Scorcher The Sun 1980s Football John Cooper
Scott Lanyard Daily Sketch 1955 Humour Hugh McClelland
The Seekers Daily Sketch 1966-71 Adventure
Les Lilley & John M. Burns
Smithie London Evening News 1980-?? Fashion model / spy John Burns
Spotlight On Sally Daily Express
News of the World
194? Humour / girl Arthur Ferrier
The Starbirds The Star 1980s Humour Graham Hay
Stella London News Chronicle 1940s? Humour / girl Norman Williams
Striker The Sun 1985-09 Football
Pete Nash
Sunshine Falls Daily Mirror 1946   Hugh McClelland
Susie Sunday Dispatch 194? Humour / girl Norman Pett
Teddy Tail Daily Mail 1915-74 Humour/animal
Charles Folkard, Arthur Potts, Bill Glen
Telestrip London Evening News 1956 Satire Denis Gifford
Terry & Son Daily Express   Factual/fishing Ron Embleton (Scrpts. Conrad Frost)
Tiffany Jones Daily Sketch
Daily Mail
11/11/64 -1971
1971 - 1975
Girl / model Pat Tourret
Tim, Toots & Teeny Daily Chronicle 1929 - Humour / animals  
Tug Transom Daily Sketch 1954 - 1969 Adventure
Alfred Sindall (Scrpts. Peter O'Donnell )
The Tuckwells Sunday Citizen ??-?? Domestic John M. Burns
Twick News of the World 1970s Humour Digby
Twm Shon Catti Western Mail
South Wales Echo
1940-50s Adventure Geoffrey Evans (Scrpts. Beryl Jones)
UNKNOWN STRIP TITLE Daily Sketch? 193? Humour / animal / western "Rod"
Varoomshka The Guardian 1969-79 Satire
John Kent

Daily Sketch
The Sun


Hugh Morren
Wes Slade Sunday Express 1961-82 Western
George Stokes
Whiskers Club Daily Graphic 1950s Funny Animal
Cyril Price
Zoe Fair Weekend magazine 1959 Girl / adventure Oliver Passingham (Scrpts. Conrad Frost)

* Thanks to Paul & Neal Trotter for this info.

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